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SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

SAP’s world class market-leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a proven, trusted foundation that leverages role-based access to critical data, applications, and analytical tools. The ERP solution streamlines business processes and operations across procurement, manufacturing, service, sales, finance, and HR. It helps to improve cash flow, optimize corporate services and enable operational excellence and innovation for the processes your business needs – today and tomorrow. It allows you to confidently address evolving regulatory standards and mitigate risk. With a solution that is Industry-specific, scalable, and global, SAP’s ERP software can help keep you well ahead of the competition.

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ProSAP’s consultants have been implementing SAP ERP solutions since 1994. Since that time, SAP has improved and extended its highly integrated and complex functionality and ProSAP has kept pace by increasing our service offering.

We understand the tremendous breadth of SAP functionality and the key interaction between modules. Our experience and knowledge allow us to design and implement highly effective end-to-end solutions for our clients, tightly integrating SAP Financials, Sales, Projects, Procurement, Plant Maintenance, Customer Service, Quality, and HR.

Our experience in multiple industries (Utilities, Aerospace and Defense, High Tech, etc.) has shown that SAP functional integration is critical, but that Process Integration, Data Integration and Organizational Integration play an equally important role in the success of an implementation.

ProSAP will help streamline your critical business processes and implement an effective SAP solution to enhance your competitiveness.

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  • ERP Financials
  • ERP Sales and Service
  • ERP Procurement and Logistics Execution
  • ERP Product Development and Manufacturing
  • ERP Corporate Services (Asset, Quality, Travel, Portfolio and Project Management)
  • Rapid Deployment for ERP