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Powerful technology should produce Powerful Results. Let the strength and experience of ProSAP’s senior level professionals leverage the power of SAP for you. Our consultants possess the experience and knowledge to design and implement effective solutions. In short, we know what works and what doesn’t and we will help you steer clear of common pitfalls. We work closely with our clients to quickly identify critical business issues and requirements and deliver solutions that will improve competitiveness.

A) SAP Solution Design & Implementation

  • Full Lifecycle – ProSAP’s services portfolio covers the full SAP solution lifecycle from Discovery and Business Needs Assessment to Implementation and Support (Design, Configuration, Testing, Data Conversion).
  • Business Impacts – As part of the design process, our consultants identify the business consequences of implementing and sustaining specific SAP functionality. For example, complex technical and process solutions can be difficult to sustain due to additional resource loads that your business was not expecting and may be unwilling to pay for in the long run. We will identify any such impacts up front and work with you to ensure you receive a workable and sustainable solution.
  • Customization – The impacts of customization will be clearly identified, including associated long term support and upgrade costs. We will ensure customizations are done soundly and within SAP’s recommended methodology.
  • Shorter Implementations – Leveraging our years of experience and SAP Best Practices results in shorter implementation cycles.
  • Functional Architecture – Our breadth of knowledge and understanding of the Application Landscape allow the creation of a truly effective Functional Architecture.
  • Best Practices – We help clients maximize their potential by implement best practices, and reducing implementation times for enhancements, support packs, additional functionality and new modules.
  • Data Integrity – We review processes and solution designs and develop methods to maximize the quality, reliability, timeliness and usefulness of your data (i.e. get users to input it right the first time – build reports to interpret it correctly to give the business an advantage).

B) Organizational Change Management

  • From the commencement of a project, ProSAP plans for the significant changes that SAP will bring to your organization. We leverage our experience to mitigate risk, facilitate buy-in, and improve overall communication within your business. SAP is a highly integrated system whose benefits cannot be fully realized unless it exists within a highly integrated organization ready to embrace it. We use a standardized methodology that includes the following components:
    • Communication Plan
    • Sponsor Plan and Roadmap
    • Resistance Management Plan
    • Training Plan
    • Organizational Design Plan
    • Post Deployment Support Plan

C) Business Process Optimization and Integration

  • ProSAP’s experience allows us to analyse end to end processes quickly and identify weaknesses. We understand SAP Best Practices and will bring the appropriate key stakeholders and decision makers together to refine, re-work, integrate and optimize critical business processes.
  • We will eliminate duplication of effort, reduce unnecessary delays, improve response times and overall efficiencies through better communication. So often, all that is needed is an increased awareness of what other groups are doing within the organization.

D) IT Organizational Design/Re-alignment

  • ProSAP will assess your IT organization’s overall effectiveness and identify any inherent inefficiencies. We will review your governance and authority, processes and communication and improve accountability, employee engagement and Resource Utilization.
  • Through minor organizational changes we have frequently witnessed significant improvements in response times and the elimination of undue process delays.
  • When the organization is properly aligned, the integration of people, processes, data and systems inevitably results in improved communication between departments and a more efficient business.
  • ProSAP will help to optimize all parts of your SAP Sustainment Organization (inc. Functional, ABAP, Basis, DBA’s, Infrastructure, etc.) to get the most our of your valuable resources.
  • As part of Organizational Re-alignment, ProSAP will help design and optimize Change Control processes. We use a standard methodology to reduce risk, while focusing on visibility, integration, accountability and the approval chain.